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Disney’s found yet another way to infiltrate their magic into the daily rhythm of our lives. This past week Disney announced the launch of a new website: Sponsored exclusively by Huggies, the new site features more than just a place for online apparel, as there are inspirational stories, ‘magical moments’ shared, and ideas and tips for parents everywhere. We mentioned earlier this month the Walt Disney World Moms Panel, so it seems as if Disney is continuing to market more and more to their parental demographic.

Jessi Dunne, Disney Moms and Babies for Disney Consumer Products executive vice president (such a long title…) says, ‘ continues Disney’s longstanding tradition of helping families create magical moments together. Our new destination emphasizes the joys of parenthood by offering tools, products and everyday solutions in a fun but meaningful way that resonate with mom’s and dad’s desire to bond with their baby.’

The site is well organized and has multiple layers of areas for parents to connect, including: ‘Getting Ready,’ ‘In the Nursery,’ ‘On the Go,’ ‘Baby’s Firsts,’ etc. This new site is an amazing opportunity to learn more about parenting your baby, but also to connect with other families and stories from around the world through uploading photos and sharing your baby’s moments. Here’s a screen shot taken from the homepage:

As an expecting parent for the first time, I’m sure will be one of the bookmarked pages for us in this next season of life.


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  1. My baby son will be donning the goofy ears as soon as my wife pops him out!!! love disney!!! and goofy 😛

  2. I’m the ultimate disney father. my little girl has been breast fed (by me personally) disney since out the womb (not be me personally but by her beautiful loving mother, LaVerne)

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