Marvel Universe Comes to Disney XD

Disney XD, the action-oriented animated channel, will begin a Marvel universe programming block featuring both animated and live-action programs that are based off of the Marvel characters. There hasn’t been a lot of change in the Marvel world since the Disney buyout in 2009, but this announcement provides a fresh offering of Marvel-based programs to continue its popularity into the next generation. Disney Channel President Gary Marsh recently stated, ‘Iconic Marvel heroes and villains, stories with core values of accomplishment, discovery and growth make Marvel Universe a perfect complement to Disney XD and a destination for parents and kids to experience together.’

The shows will begin April 1st.

The live-action shows intrigue me the most. What if they had a ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ type show with Marvel characters? What about you? Who’s the one character you’d most want to see in a Disney XD show?


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