‘Frozen’ Will Be Computer Animated

One of Disney’s newest projects will be the movie, Frozen, which is set to release on November 27, 2013. So even though it’s a while off, fans have been getting excited about the flick and what it promises. Originally titled, The Snow Queen, Disney changed the name to Frozen, but you can tell from either that the story will center in a cold setting with another Disney-esque queen. Rumors were swirling that the movie was going to be the first hand-drawn animation film since The Princess and the Frog. However, it seems that these nostalgic hopes were hushed recently as Disney announced that Frozen will, be a 3D computer animated feature, and be presented in theaters in stereoscopic 3D.

So while that rumor was shot down, there is still a lot to be discovered about the future film. Little has been leaked or revealed about the title. Perhaps the biggest question is will ‘The Snow Queen’ be our heroine or follow in the likes of the Evil Queen from Snow White?

Which do you think ‘The Snow Queen’ will be? Here’s a sketch drawing of the Queen to help with your guess…


0 thoughts on “‘Frozen’ Will Be Computer Animated

  1. This could have real potential. It’s a bummer to hear they are making this computer animated because The Princess and the Frog turned out really well.

  2. I really hope they revise the look of the Snow Queen. I’ve got high hopes for this movie, it’d be a shame if I was to go see it in theaters and end up staring at a weiner tip foreskin head queen instead.

  3. I think they have to change the look of the Snow Queen… I like the look of Snow (As she’s called in the game ’cause she’s Snow White… XD) of Bigfish’s “Dark Parables:Rise of the Snow Queen” better than the sketch above… But who knows? It’s still a sketch… I’m still looking forward to this new movie…. I hope that they’ll make this into an epic film…XD

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