Finding Nemo 3D!

This weekend Disney re-released Beauty and the Beast in 3D! Have you seen it yet? It’s one of the most nostalgic movies of my childhood. Following in the recent trend of re-releasing old favorites, Disney announced they will follow suit with Finding Nemo, also in 3D!

The story of Finding Nemo is one the fan favorites for all Disney Pixar films, so Disney certainly is choosing a good title to give the 3D treatment. But more than the story, visually, this is a great picture for the makeover. I mean, what’s the need for aquariums anymore? Seriously.

The movie is scheduled to re-release nationwide on September 14, 2012. And…rumor has is it you’ll be able to see a sneak peak of this when you go see Beauty and the Beast 3D. So get to the theaters!


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  1. You know I wasn’t expecting Nemo to be the next in the trends of 3d comebacks. I don’t really put it in the same category as lion king and beauty n the beast. Was really expecting more of a classic to come out.

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