4th Time’s The Charm for Hover Car Racer?

Chalk this one us to one of the coolest ideas ever: Disney is continuing their development of the book Hover Car Racer into a screenplay. The book, written byMatthew Reilly in 2004, is staged in a world where humans travel in vehicles that hover above the ground. In this future, racing the vehicles has become a sport, and the film will center around a young man who enters an international race.

After going through three different writers, Disney now has contracted the work of X2-X-Men United writer Dan Harris to pen the script. Harris also wrote the script for 2006’s Superman Returns. Hopefully Harris can create what three previous writers have not been able to: a world where racing flying cars is the end all. In my head I imagine The Fifth Element meets Speed Racer. This has the chance to be visually incredible, so here’s to Harris creating a story that’s Disney worthy!


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