The New ‘2’ and ‘3(D)’

2011 featured some great Disney games on multiple platforms. It’s nice to see how Disney continues to develop quality games for different consoles, meaning they just keep expanding their reach. And 2012 will be no different. There are two more titles rumored to be released this next year: Epic Mickey 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

Epic Mickey 2 is the sequel to the highly-praised ‘Epic Mickey’ that was released for the Wii console. This new installment, though, is rumored to be made available on multiple consoles. While it’s important to note this is still a rumor, the initial source was actually a Disney newsletter. The newsletter has since been removed, but coming from a Disney source, this carries a weight of reliability. According to the reports, the rumor also states the release would be in Fall 2012, and would include a co-op mode, where the partnering player will take on the role of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. To see what all the hype of Epic Mickey 2 is all about, here’s the trailer of its predecessor:

Kingdom Hearts has been a popular franchise for Disney since 2002. Primarily featured on the Playstation consoles, Kingdom Hearts is more of a traditional RPG that utilizes the Disney characters. Now Square-Enix has announced the title of the newest edition to the franchise: Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. Director Tetsuya Nomura says that the latest Kingdom Hearts game is “the opening chapter of the final conflict,” and stars Sora and Riku who enter the “Sleeping Worlds” in order to become Keyblade Masters at King Mickey’s request. It’s not yet known how the 3D will be featured in the game, but it’s certain to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Here’s the trailer from Kingdom Hearts 2:

Both titles are slated to release this year. With both of them featuring many of your favorite Disney characters, I’d highly recommend giving them both a look.

Which Disney video game is your favorite of all time? For me…going way back with Who Framed Roger Rabbit?



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