The Muppets Interactive Game on Disney Fantasy

We’ve recently highlighted the new Disney cruise ship, Disney Fantasy, on the blog. Disney also released some information that makes the cruise liner even more of a fantasy: an interactive game with ‘The Muppets’!

Have you seen ‘The Muppets’ movie yet? It’s received high praise from almost every major publication, raising the popularity of The Muppets to high it hasn’t experienced in some years. This game on the Disney Fantasy will only add to the hysteria. In the game, entitled “The Case of the Stolen Show,” the Muppets are about to put on a show, when they discover that someone has stolen all their props. Cruise guests must make their way around the ship to help the Muppets find their missing props, interacting with some of their favorite Muppets along the way.

Here’s a behind the scenes look:


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