New Disney Game for the iPad

Disney’s most successful game on Facebook, Gardens of Time, is now available for the iPad! Haven’t heard of it? Every day there are roughly 2.1 million players that log into the game. Every month? Even more: 9.1 million. Um…that’s a lot of people.

Disney Playdom, the social media gaming branch of Disney, gets a huge boost with this upgrade. Disney has announced multiple games over the past few months on Facebook, but venturing over to the iPad provides yet another platform for the game to grow. Gardens of Time will be integrated with OpenFeint, Game Center, and Facebook, meaning iPad users will be able to keep the social aspects of the other platforms while allowing the title to be spread in a more viral fashion.

Disney believes that transferring their gaming genre to the tablet world is a perfect fit for game development and user experience. What about you? Anyone out there a Gardens of Time fan? How many other games from Disney do you play through social media?


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