A New Disney Princess!

For the first time Disney will debut a brand new princess to their repertoire, but it will be a brand new venture for Disney. Huh? But they have plenty of princesses. True, but not like this fair maiden. For Princess Sofia will be the first Disney Princess that is a child!

Aimed to market to the 2-7 age group, Princess Sofia will star in her own TV show on the Disney Channel. The aim for the young Princess is to not only look the part, but teach younger kids some age-appropriate lessons, such as getting along with others and being generous. Nancy Kanter, GM of Disney Junior Worldwide said, “Sofia will have plenty of pretty dresses and sparkly shoes, but episodes will teach children that what makes a real princess is what’s inside, not what’s outside.”

With an aim of relatability, Princess Sofia looks to be a solid role model for the younger generation of Disney fans. Interesting choice on the name, but what are your thoughts on the new Disney princess?


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  1. People do what they see, not what they hear. So if Princess Sofia is going to be teaching about what it “truly” means to be a real princess, than she needs to not care much about her appearance. Not that she can’t be pretty, but if a whole half of the episode is about which dress to wear there is a problem. 

    Hope this goes well.

  2. I love the name Sofia I think this show will be great my daughter already wants to see it just by the picture and shes 3.5 years old. Can’t wait to watch it with her.

  3. now there is going to be a child princess, why dont they think about some of the other princesses that they already have that aren’t crowned, like Kida, and Nala.

  4. I think it is awesome!  As the mother of a Sophia who is 4 and has red hair and blue eyes,  I  know of one little girl who will be hooked day one!  She will be able to relate to her  more than adult princesses who spend a lot of time falling in love with Princes.

  5. This is all good and well that she’s teaching little kids life lessons (that they’ll forget because they’ll be staring at her outfit), but I don’t think she should be an official Disney princess.
    Disney Channel doesn’t do Disney any justice whatsoever.

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