Disney Christmas Day Parade

We’ve talked a lot about Christmas here on the blog, but that’s the point…it’s Christmas! So how will you be spending your Christmas morning? Wrapped up next to a fire? Losing yourself in all of presents from Santa? ‘Roasting chestnuts by an open fire’? Well whichever one will be you and your family, make sure that the TV is turned on to the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade! The show will air December 25 on ABC Television in the United States, and on CBC in Canada, and in 177 countries all over the world on the American Forces Network (AFN.)

So while all of your favorite stars and characters will be present, this year packs a different punch from the others with the headline attractions of Justin Bieber and Jennifer Hudson! The parade is a staple for Christmas morning, because let’s be honest, some girls may have wished for Santa to bring them Justin Bieber for Christmas. So while that probably won’t be happening, you can share Christmas with him, Hudson and all of the Disney family as they perform the parade through Disney World and Cinderella’s Castle. It’s a magical time of year at the most magical place on Earth!

So if you could ask for one Disney character to appear at your house for Christmas, who would you choose?


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