Kinect Disneyland Adventure for XBox 360

We’ve all seen the commercials. You know, the ones where the kids are surprised for Christmas with a trip to Disneyland? Let’s be honest…that’s not a gift that every family can give. But perhaps you can still have fun ‘at’ Disneyland the Christmas season with Kinect Disneyland Adventure!

Utilizing the XBox Kinect technology, Kinect Disneyland Adventure puts you, the player, in the world of Disneyland to embark on your own journey through your favorite games, stories and worlds. Some of your favorite characters come along for the ride. Here’s a review from the game’s website:

Now bring the magic of Disneyland® to your living room. Leave the controller behind and play with your full body as you capture Disney moments with the whole family, meet over 35 characters, and explore 12 worlds. Experience new Disneyland® Adventures with you as the star.

And here’s the TV commercial currently airing:

This game looks like a great gift idea for not only the kids, but the whole family. And together you can all join in those famous words, ‘I’m going to Disneyland!’


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