A Closer Look at ‘Small Fry’, The New Toy Story Short

The highly-anticipated release of The Muppets is less than two weeks away! And to make this movie even more exciting, Disney recently revealed a little more on the brand new short feature before the movie. The short, based on Toy Storycalled ‘Small Fry’, will gives audiences yet another opportunity to laugh and connect with Buzz, Woody and their other favorite Toy characters.

USA Today recently released some new information about the short from writer/director Angus MacLane, along with a brand-new image from the film. The short plays off of The Prince and the Pauper storyline, with a happy meal-sized Buzz Lightyear toy wanting to break out of his current situation…or packaging. He devises a genius plan to capture and switch places with the real Buzz Lightyear, which sets up the hilarious role-reversal scenes where we find Buzz in a support group for happy meal toys, “These toys’ existence is about being really popular before the meal and then being totally forgotten about. And sometimes they don’t even get played with,” MacLane stated.

Not only will this short feature all of the regular voices we’ve grown so accustomed to, but it will also feature the voice of director Teddy Newton, as happy meal Buzz, and the debut Pixar appearance of Glee star Jane Lynch, as the witty Neptuna, leader of the happy meal toys. In regards to Lynch’s appearance in the short, MacLane said, “Jane has an appealing way of being demeaning to people but where you still like her — even though she’s kind of horrible; right away, she got the character.”

November 23, 2011 just got all more exciting! I think the biggest question about Lynch’s character is will she get to ‘slushie’ Buzz, Glee style? Here are some pictures Disney’s released of the seven-minute film.







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