New Scenes from ‘The Muppets’

The Muppets come back to the big screen on November 23rd…you excited yet? Over the past few weeks, Disney released multiple parody trailers to hype up the upcoming flick. We’ve highlighted all of their trailers for your enjoyment, and even a few of actual scenes released from the movie. Well, Disney recently released a few more clips to hold you over until Thanksgiving week!

Enjoy this clip called, Muppet Man, where many of your favorite Muppets characters disguise themselves to make a ‘smooth’ entrance into Miss Piggy’s office at French Vogue magazine.

This one is called ‘Montage’, as all of the Muppets are ‘picked up’ for their show!

Here’s a funny scene called ‘Shocking’, which features Walter and Jason Segel’s character, Gary.

And in the final clip Veronica, played by Rashida Jones, approaches Kermit about finding a ‘Celebrity’ for their show. How in the world can you not think the world’s most famous green frog is a celebrity!?!


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