Swampy Has New Waters: The Web!

When you think of Disney characters the names Aladdin, Simba, Mickey and Goofy come to mind. They control the airwaves of both television and movies, reaching back to all of our childhood memories. And then there was the newest Disney hero: Swampy. In Disney’s attempt to conquer the mobile game app genre, Swampy, star of the game Where’s My Water?, quickly stole the show. The game became such a big hit that it even briefly shot down the reigning champ of mobile games, Angry Birds.

Where’s My Water? presents Swampy, the germaphobe alligator who desperately needs your help getting his clean water. The goal is to navigate the water to Swampy’s shower, but, as with any good Disney character, there’s a nemesis to defeat: the evil Alpha Gator, Cranky. So many people have enjoyed navigating those waters to Swampy, though, that he’s now taking his desire for a good shower to the web! Starting in January, Disney will launch a 12-week, three to four minute episode web series starring Swampy. Mark Walker, Senior VP of Disney.com, recently remarked on the purpose of expanding upon Swampy, “The continued demand and excitement about Swampy clearly indicates that there are a lot of folks out there who are interested not only in the game, but also want to know more about the story. We are looking to build out the world and tell Swampy’s story and that of other characters.”

Where’s My Water? has quickly become one of the top paid apps for both iPhone and iPad. Swampy’s success shows Disney will continue branching out in creating new characters we all love, but also the way in which we fall for them. So as we eagerly await falling harder for Swampy, he’ll stay busy chasing his own love interest in the game, Ally. But someone else also has an eye for the lady gator. Here’s to hoping that in 2012 we see Swampy defeat Cranky not only for clean water, but for the girl in the middle of the fight. Just like Disney, isn’t it? So as Rep. Corrine Brown of FL said in congratulating her alma mater, ‘Go Gator!’


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  1. i love this game it is so challengine and all pepole that play thank you you are helping save the planet this game rocks

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