New Admission Price to Disney World?

In a sad report, Bridget Wismer, 33, was arrested at her New Castle, DE home recently on charges of selling her son to a Philadelphia man for $15,000. The reason: to pay for a trip to Disney World for herself and her two older children.

A tip was given to police about the scheme by Wismer’s grandmother in early September. The police, though, did not have enough substantial evidence to support the claim. Police then spotted Wismer and the alleged baby-buyer on surveillance video exchanging final paperwork on the deal, leading to the charges. Wismer is
accused of selling her one-month old baby boy to John Gavaghan, 54, of Philadelphia. She was arrested in her apartment on September 30 by New Castle County authorities. Both Wismer and Gavanaugh are charged with Dealing in Children and Conspiracy in the Second Degree.

When Wismer tried to defend herself she stated, “My friend [Gavanaugh] was helping me take care of my son that I just had. He’s always tried to adopt and I couldn’t raise another child.” Wismer continued, “I wanted the best for my baby and he wanted the best for the baby and we did it the way we thought we were
supposed to.”

No, Bridget Wismer, selling your child so you can go to Disney World is not the ‘way you’re supposed to’ do things.

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