Are You Ready to Store Your Disney Movies in the Cloud?

Those Disney DVDs collecting dust?  Large movie files clogging up your hard drive?

The Walt Disney Studios has a new ownership option in the works.  Fans of Disney and Pixar flicks will no longer have to store DVDs in their homes with the introduction of “Disney Studio All Access“.  It’s Disney movie storage in “the cloud” which “gives the benefit of ownership without the issues of long download time, storage constraints and the lack of interoperability,” said Lori MacPherson, executive vice president of global product management at Walt Disney Studios.  With Disney Studio All Access all you do is purchase a movie and then its there for you to stream anytime day or night from a host of different devices; PC, smartphone, gaming device, iPad, etc.

Disney owned Marvel is so far not part of this package but the company hopes that this digital storage option will help boost sales in lieu of viewers merely renting movies.  Soon, store bought Disney and Pixar discs will start coming with “Disney Studio All Access” rights. Consider that the gateway. What do you think? Is this an option you would be interested in?

0 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Store Your Disney Movies in the Cloud?

  1. Would movies that are in the “vault” be available for purchase at any time??  That is a huge reason that people rent over buy…they aren’t even available for purchase.

  2. What about the movies we already own?  I have been registering my collection, I have sold many of my DVD copies to teachers at my school to have onhand, and I purchase the onlline version as I want to watch.

  3. I have all the old classics on VHS! I’m sure a lot of people do. They would b smart to transfer those over two by bar code or whatever means possible, because I’m sure not going to buy whatever I have already on DVD and it’s a pain in the butt to get them transferred!!! Disney should stand by their LOYAL FANS from years back to now and make that happen!!! I have probably 40-50 movies from Disney!! LET’S GO DISNEY, GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!! Don’t screw the long time collectors or we might not be there for you in the future.

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