The Lion King 3D Paves Way for Four More Disney Films to Come Back to the Big Screen

Who says recycling isn’t worth the trouble? Certainly not The Walt Disney Studios, who just crossed over the $80 million threshold this week with the theatrical re-release of The Lion King.  Sure, it was re-imagined in 3D but in essence was the same ‘tale as old as time’.  And speaking of which, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid and Monsters, Inc. are all coming to a theater near you within the next 24 months.  In 3D of course…and limited release. Here’s the schedule:
· Beauty and the Beast – January 13, 2012

· Finding Nemo – September 14, 2012

· Monsters, Inc. – January 18, 2013 (Monsters University, a prequel to the original film, arrives in theaters in Disney Digital 3D on June 21, 2013)

· The Little Mermaid – September 13, 2013

0 thoughts on “The Lion King 3D Paves Way for Four More Disney Films to Come Back to the Big Screen

    1. Absolutely I think they may cause I had one DVD say it was coming in spring 2013 and now it is not even on the spring 2014 listing they don’t they are idiots. That movie was the best animated film till one year later when the linking came out. Aladdin was a gigantic success all across the board.

  1. Yes, Aladdin.  And the classic Fantasia looks like it was designed with 3D in mind.  Flowers that spin toward you, brooms that march off into the distance, comets that fly in the viewers direction, an ostrich that toe dances in the foreground, demons that fly toward you.  And it was the first film in stereophonic sound.  You can show it with the short Melody.

    1. I wouldn’t pay to see fantasia in a million years and nor would most people it is boring unless you are on drugs. Big no in that one.

  2. They must also have these movies playing WITHOUT 3D!!!! There are so many children with disabilities that either cannot see the effects with the glasses or cannot wear the for physical or mental reasons. Disney usually caters to children with disabilities but has totally missed the boat with this one! PLEASE Disney offer both so EVERYONE can enjoy these magnificent masterpieces you have created!

    1. Umm, they do. The problem is that most would just rather watch their home video so most showings are in 3d but the 2d is their. Most people with disabilities can watch 3d anyway. My wife can’t cause she has a prosthetic eye and one real one. You need two to see it.

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