Lion King vs. Aladdin – Which is Better?

The boys over at Movie Feuds have put together an episode fighting over which Disney film is better…Lion King or Aladdin. Our audience here on DML has typically put Lion King as #1 and Aladdin #3 for Best Disney movie, but less than a point separate the two. Scroll down below to cast your vote.

0 thoughts on “Lion King vs. Aladdin – Which is Better?

  1. Aladdin… the hyenas were obnoxious.  Aladdin’s soundtrack is also than the Lion King’s, and its characters were more vibrant

  2. when i voted my heart almost stopped because i voted against Aladdin which i absolutely love the Lion King. If it wasnt for the emotional effect of the Lion King I might would say Aladdin. Lion King has better songs, both have great characters, Aladdin is funnier, but the Lion King has Nala.

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