Disney Working on Live Action Gargoyles Film

Cinderella Castle Gargoyle
photo via deejsylvis on Flickr

Nope…this is not going to be an animated work based on the now defunct 90’s Disney cartoon series and no…Victor, Hugo and LaVerne…”The Hunchback of Notre Dame” gargoyles are not getting their own full length feature film.

Disney is trying to piece together all of the necessary characters to lace the perfect live-action movie based on gargoyles.

Gargoyles are ever present in many locations throughout the Disney Theme Parks so there is lots to draw on for inspiration there. Even Cinderella Castle is adorned with them.

The studio is romancing Zoe Green to work on the film’s script.  Her TV credits include writing for Marvel Studios “Wolverine and the X-Men”.

The Disney gargoyles film is yet to be titled but we are looking forward to finding out more about this project in the near future.

0 thoughts on “Disney Working on Live Action Gargoyles Film

  1. your going to end up with a mediocre movie with even more of a mediocre box office sales if this movie has nothing to do with the cartoon series. If it does you could end up with an easy summer blockbuster. Just do test polls and you’d see.

  2. Why not base the movie off of the cartoon? There are a lot of fans who would LOVE to see the cartoon come to life in a live action film. The good story from the cartoon, plus some amazing 3D would make this film a huge hit in the box office. 

  3. Really? why not base it on the 90’s show as i grew up with it when i was a kid i have ideas on how it should possibly look also it was popular back then too & deserves a re boot not to mention the retail sales to bring back the toys = $$$$ also Disney could look at a worldwide re-release of the series to dvd & blu ray as well fancy only having season 1 released in north america on dvd but not world wide. plus fans and the original show writer at a recent convention said they want to see a movie re boot based on the show. and why not Marvel could do it along side Disney after all they did the comics. kevin fiege or joss whedon could direct it even Michael bay (even though he’s not in contract with Disney). CGI gargoyles can be done the same way the did hulk in the avengers with motion capture & character such as zanatos can be live action just look no future then Michael bays TMNT or transformers. i think disney need to do some research & thinking before filming

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