Museum of the Weird May Make it onto Film Instead of into a Theme Park

There are plenty of Imagineered attractions that don’t quite make it into existence at the Disney Theme Parks.  Thunder Mesa… Beastly Kingdom… Museum of the Weird…

Well, now instead of building a Disney attraction based on a movie, The Disney Studios have decided to flip the script and develop a movie based on an “unrealized” attraction.  Museum of the Weird was to be a Haunted Mansionesque attraction where kooky and spooky material objects actually come to life.  It’s home would have been the Disneyland Theme Park in California and would have had an attached themed restaurant. (Sounds like a winner to me).  Although the attraction was never seen to fruition, it may materialize onto the big screen.  Supposedly, screenwriter Ahmet Zappa, son of Frank Zappa, is being romanced to join the project.

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