Disney “Maleficent” Movie in the Works for 2013 Release

MaleficentTrying to shake its squeaky clean princess image as of late, the Walt Disney Company has turned its development efforts towards Sleeping Beauty villain Maleficent, who will get her own full length feature film sometime in 2013.

Rumor has it that the film will star Angelina Jolie as the title character.  I was saddened to read reports from Theme Park Mom that Tim Burton will not be directing as I found his interpretation of Alice in Wonderland quite intriguing.

Word on the street is that Black Swan’s Darren Aronofsky may be pegged to direct the flick instead.

0 thoughts on “Disney “Maleficent” Movie in the Works for 2013 Release

  1. There has to be a better actress to play Maleficent!  I just do not think that Angelina could do justice to this role.  She may be ok in some things, but not as the queen of all evil!

  2. I’m with that.  However, the fact that she was messing with someone else’s husband (Jen Anniston), does make her really evil.  Perhaps I am not alone on this thought.  And maybe that’s how she got the part?  So many other actresses with greater talent are out there.  C’mon Disney, what are you thinking?

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