Dine-In Theaters to Open Soon at Pleasure Island AMC in Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World

Starting May 16th you will be able to watch your movies with a full meal and adult beverages at the Pleasure Island AMC Theaters in Orlando, Florida. And we’re not just talking popcorn and sodas!

The theater will feature cocktails, wine, beer, salads, pasta, seafood, burgers and dessert…just to name a few.

Six of the 24 auditoriums will feature in-theater dining with upgraded seats equipped with discreet call buttons for seat-side service.

Ticket prices range from $6-13, depending on the day of week and showtime, for the Dine-in Theater experience. Menu items start at $6.59 for appetizers and adult entrees range from $8.59-11.99.

For those guests just wanting to grab a cocktail, the MacGuffins Bar & Lounge is a great choice and is ideally located inside the Pleasure Island AMC lobby area.

This is the first dine-in theater concept in Orlando and I am extremely excited to try it out.  And wouldn’t you know it…it’s opening just in time for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

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