Disney and Ice Cube Team Up for “Chrome and Paint”

The Hollywood Reporter” has confirmed that The Walt Disney Company has picked up Ice Cube’s screenplay “Chrome and Paint”.

What business does family-friendly Disney have producing hard-core shoot-em-up flicks (as Cube intended the film to be)?  Well…looks like the film may be undergoing a major rewrite.  THR states, “The story, in getting the Disney flavor, will be turned into a father-son story centering around a car. Paint will focus on a teen who is left fatherless and begins to rebuild a car that belonged to his father. Cube will play a friend of the father’s who helps. The process of remaking the car helps the two heal each other.”

In other Disney related news, it looks like Ice Cube of “Chrome and Paint” will also be acting alongside Johnny Depp of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise in the upcoming “21 Jump Street” remake. “it’s a small world” after all.

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