Tom Hanks and Tim Allen to Star in Upcoming Jungle Cruise Flick

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are looking to parlay their on-screen animated chemistry into live action chemistry. Recently announced on website Deadline, Disney has set it’s sails in motion to bring the Magic Kingdom’s “Jungle Cruise” attraction to the big screen.  Disney is hoping for that same Buzz and Woody dynamic duo appeal to translate to another type of feature film.  Let’s hope it’s more exciting than “the backside of water”.  Hanks has been cast as a park guest and Allen will play the Cruise Captain.  Word is that most of the film will be shot in Disneyland (Sorry Walt Disney World locals).  I wonder if they will be able to work in the headhunter’s “I love Disco” inside joke that Imagineers slipped into the real-life attraction?

Photo C. Disney

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