After Opening Weekend: Reviews of Toy Story 3

Well, it seems that Toy Story 3 had a smashing weekend at the box office doing $110 million over the weekend. They still have a $90 million to go to cover the $200 million budget but should get there by this weekends end. I haven’t had a chance to see it, but all the kids I ask have been telling me that it’s better than both Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Here are some quotes and links to other reputable movie review sources:

“You can’t get your childhood back but for one hour and 38 minutes Toy Story 3 gets you pretty close.” –

Toy Story 3 is full of laughs, adventure, great characters and a dose of nostalgia.  It’s a fitting ending to a great trilogy.  It’s possible that this movie will do so well that Disney/Pixar will be tempted to bring the toys back out one more time.  As much as I enjoyed them all, I hope they don’t.  This is the perfect ending to a near perfect series of films.” – Scott of Three Movie Buffs

“The best of the bunch. Touches the funny bone, the brain and the heart.” – Jackie Cooper

“The storytelling and animation are delightfully engaging.” – Diana 0f

“At best, Toy Story 3 stands as a refinement of Toy Story 2, a movie which was an unnecessary sequel to begin with.” – Jeremy Heilman of

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