Tron Legacy – New Photos

The Tron Legacy is really starting to pick up. Here is a recent photo that we pulled from I gotta say this is personally, one of the most anticipated Disney films for me.

Bloggers at i09 are saying that buzz coming from the Disney camp is that they are having so much fun making Tron Legacy, that a possible series of films or tv series is being talked about. It’s likely that we’ll be seeing the trailers for Tron Legacy before Alice in Wonderland which will be in theaters on March 5th.

The below photo was released without any details. Of course, it’s Flynn (Jeff Bridges), and he seems to be either in prison or exile. Perhaps waiting to be rescued? What’s that disc on his back?

Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy is scheduled for a Dec. 10 release and will probably be a must to see in 3-D!

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