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Walt Disney movies have brought us all so many great film memories and unforgettable vacations. Whether it is animated disney movies, disney channel movies or the popular disney classics, you'll find them all here.

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Muppets Coloring Pages Now Available
swedish-chef-coloring-pageOne of the more popular sections of our website is the selection of Disney coloring pages we have available for 13 films. Today, we added Muppets coloring pages which includes some of your favorite Muppet characters! The following characters are available to print out and color: Kermit the Frog Miss Piggy Gonzo Rowlf Fozzie Bear Walter Scooter […]

Orlando Bloom Returning for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’!
Will503The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is one of the most successful Disney ever produced. Yet the fourth installment, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was missing a key element that both audiences and the film really needed: Orlando Bloom. The absence of Jack Sparrow’s sidekick/rival/friend Will Turner made the fourth movie feel like more of […]

Disney Announces New Film ‘Gigantic’ at D23!
giganticOne of the best classic Disney cartoons revolves around the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk,’ featuring Mickey as the hero that must overcome the attempts of the giant to catch him. You can find it on Netflix…or you can just get excited about Disney making another attempt at bringing the ‘Beanstalk’ story to life! […]

‘Frozen 2' Details Emerge!
Frozen-ElsaI can’t ‘Let It Go’…sorry Elsa. The worldwide pandemonium for Frozen still reverberates through the younger Disney generation, and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. So, no. I won’t let it go, because there’s another movie to be made and the world wants to know all about it as soon as possible! Well, […]

J.J. Abrams Shares Meaning Behind New ‘Star Wars’ Names
theforceawakensEvery name has a meaning, but when you’re creating character names out of thin air, is there a process to it, or do you just randomly jumble together an assortment of letters? For the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, Director J.J. Abrams recently discussed the meaning behind his characters names in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. You’re […]

Top 25 Disney Movies

  1. Lion King, The - 91.21
  2. Aladdin - 89.87
  3. Beauty and the Beast - 89.45
  4. Inside Out - 88.51
  5. Little Mermaid, The - 88.22
  6. Finding Nemo - 88.17
  7. Toy Story - 88.04
  8. Tangled - 87.96
  9. Spirited Away - 87.8
  10. Monsters, Inc - 87.62
  11. Mary Poppins - 87.49
  12. Big Hero 6 - 87.32
  13. Frozen - 87.31
  14. Lady and the Tramp - 87.29
  15. Up - 87.14
  16. Song of the South - 87.11
  17. Mulan - 87.05
  18. Toy Story 3 - 87.04
  19. Sleeping Beauty - 87.02
  20. Peter Pan - 86.96
  21. Robin Hood - 86.96
  22. Cinderella - 86.76
  23. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - 86.42
  24. Fox and the Hound, The - 86.42
  25. Wall E - 86.42

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Tomorowland Now Playing!
Inside Out Now Playing!
The Good Dinosaur 11/25/2015
The Jungle Book 04/15/2016
Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass 05/27/2016
Finding Dory 06/18/2016
Zootopia 2016
POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales 2016

Coming to DVD / Blu-Ray!

Cinderella Sept. 15

Now on DVD / Blu-Ray!

McFarland, USA June 2
Into the Woods March 24

Future Disney Movies!

Jungle Cruise TBD
Magic Kindgom TBD
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo TBD
Tink TBD
National Treasure 3 TBD
Swiss Family Robinson (Remake) Rumor
Toy Story 4 TBD